Hair Oils

Good morning girls!!!

The holidays, for me, grow closer and I’m starting to put some order in my head about what to pack.

Today I show you my top 5 products I’m going to take with me.

Position 5


The first thing to think about is the protection of hair and this treatment of Erbolario Argan oil protects them from the sun without weighing it down.

Position 4


Moisturizing body oil baobab oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E to Sephora . It absorbs quickly without greasing. Perfect for softening the skin morning and evening, before and after exposure to the sun.

Position 3

Dior has also center with this scent. After years of J’Adore they are passed to Addict , much more fresh and young. A must for me!

Position 2

I love Dior has understood for some time but this enlightening is fabulous! After a day at the beach face you can be fatigued (tired although one should not have anything!) And Skinflash primer makes radiant !!! Seeing is believing:)

Position 1

Since I did 30 I also do 31! Skin perfect for Dior ( but still ??) I have not bought but I will just step away from the perfumery. Leaves the skin smooth and fresh face !! I can not wait to be in my hands !!! 🙂
You are well pr or these forthcoming to date? What to put in your beauty?

Jean Louis David Oil Therapy

 This week has finally come to an end although it seemed to go on forever. In the quiet of a sunny Friday morning I speak to you of the products Jean Louis David Oil Therapy that I have had the pleasure of trying.
I would like to start by saying that I am a fan of Argan oil has always especially regarding the hair and do not tell you my happiness soon as I found out that these products contain it.
I tried both the shampoo that the mask and the excellent results I found them right away: shine and softness are terms that my hair does not know exactly but after only one application are reborn.
The precious oils that make up the perfect mix are three: the Argan of which I have already spoken, jojoba oil and date seed oil. If more are added the precious nacres the result is a real bomb of brilliance .
Their brown cut I fell in love at first sight last week and after trying these products I can say that it has decided, fresh look to my hair!

Barbie fashion week

The eagerly I awaited. After the exciting collection totally inspired by the Barbie fashion week in September I could not wait to find out how Moschino would have surprised us this time , and today more than ever I am convinced of one thing: do not ask too many expectations because you will end up being disappointed.

If the last time the models were eccentric but absolutely fun and most wearable (maybe choosing sober combinations) this time I got very bored , almost yawning.
I have not found the sprint that pushes me to say “wow!” or “what a dump!” and the only thing I kept thinking was, “but when it ends?”. Mr. Scott should understand that there is no need to do differently to strength because, I believe, there is no sadder thing about a collection that does not arouse emotions .
Another disappointment. Yet another disappointment. This fashion week is proving to be the festival of banality . We can only hope in King George (Armani) ,at least he will hold high the slightest expectation.

Dior: Nail Paint

As for glazes I have only one name in my heart: Dior . I use them always and I love the nuances that propon and every year.
Usually I love putting soft, nude hues by day and then spaziante and a little bit more in the evening: red in all its shades and black are the colors you prefer.
For this fall Dior has satisfied my taste:
Nuance vibrant and strong alternates no pastel colors to create the perfect manicure depending on your outfit.
But the real highlight is formed by ‘ Edition Limited Autumn 2014 . And ‘it composed of quattro enamels: Pied-de-poule , Rose Tutu , C. Arrè Bleu and Bar , intense , feminine and very elegant.
My favorites are undoubtedly the Rose T utu and C Arrè B leu .